Wood Furniture Industrial Water-based Coatings

INNObond® ECOcoat Series is a new technology high premium grade environmental friendly waterborne high durability protective coating specifically formulated for wood furniture and wooden products application, gives wooden surfaces create long lasting beauty protective, giving the woods an attractive colour and requires minimal care to woods. INNObond® ECOcoat Series is very easy to apply, performing superb fast-drying with a remarkable SoftFeel effect and provided the superior durability to performed excellent Non-water whitening, Non-yellowing, boiling water-resistance, scuff mark resistance, superb wear and chemical resistance. It's superior product formula does NOT ADDED Heavy Metal Content, NO ADDED Formaldehyde Content, odorless, VOC content far lower than the National Standards, give your family have the fresh feeling, cleaness, safe and healthy environment benefit, simultaneously reduces the long-term health risk.


Wood Sanding Sealer

INNObond® ECOcoat_PrimerSS Series is a acrylic modified waterborne sanding sealer specifically designed and developed for use as based-coat application with superb fast-drying with harden rapidly, provides excellent sandability for easy abrasion. The high viscosity of products performing a well-bodied surfaces provides excellent seals to wood to prevent penetration for top finishes.

Wood Furniture Coatings

INNObond® ECOcoat_PLUS Series is a Self-Crosslink waterborne polyurethane modified with satin and gloss clear finish for surface treatment for wood furniture and wooden products in homes and other residential indoor application products. Provides " One Product For All " works as sanding sealer and also finishing to makes application relatively easy and providing exceptional durability, beauty and value.

Wood Furniture Premium Coatings

INNObond® ECOcoat_PREMIUM Series is a Two-Component waterborne 100% polyurethane with satin, gloss, and high gloss clear finish for surface treatment of wood furniture and wooden products in commercial and homes area. Provides " One Product For All " work as sanding sealer and also as finishing to wooden products, create long lasting beauty protective, giving woods an attractive colour and requires minimal care to woods, gives a very hard and tough film to protect wooden heavy wear resistance, water-whitening resistance and chemical resistance.

Wood Furniture NaturalSoftFeel Coatings

INNObond® ECOcoat_PREMIUM NSF Series is a Two-Component new technology waterborne100% polyurethane ultra matte clear finish, specifically developed for next generation of surface treatment of wood furniture and wooden products provides protection preserve the true natural look of woods with a remarkable " SoftFeel " effects and high burnishing resistance. Provides exceptional elegant look and unique " SoftFeel " underfoot or hand touch and extraordinary performance of high durability and strongly protective for " Scratchmarks ".

Wood Stains

INNObond® ECOcoat_Stainex Series is ideal for staining wood furniture and wooden products, create unique looks or match existing wood tones, gives everything you need for a great-looking with a beautiful satin finish. INNObond® ECOcoat_Stainex Series provides great colour consistency across a variety of different woods.

Externally Wood Coatings

INNObond® ECOcoat_Exterx Series is a Self UV Crosslinking new technology modern aqueous external wood coating, offers a rich beautiful appreance and top quality performance. This Self UV Crosslinking formula enhances the appreance and texture of wood, penetrates for exceptional protection and resistance to peeling and excellent colour retention provides a mildew resistance.

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