Paper & Packaging Water-Based Coatings

INNObond® introduced a new technology environmental-friendly water-based coatings for paper converting and packaging industry, gives surfaces create long lasting beauty protective and provides exceptional elegant look and unique with a remarkable " SoftFeel ", to give paper products cleaness, safe and healthy environment benefit.


High-Performance OGR Paper Coatings

INNObond® Kertex_MHB Series is a water-based high-performance OGR coating for paper, kraft paper and other food packaging rupulpable with excellent resistance to oil, grease and moisture. It impart a high degree of water repellency, is printable and gluable, gives paper products application easy and effectiveness.

High-Performance Surface Treatment Coatings

INNObond® Kertex_NSF Series is a Two-Component new technology water-based 100% polyurethane ultra mattle clear finish, specifically developed for surface treatment of paper printing products such as name card, magazine, gift wrapping paper, colour box, cigarette box and products requirement for exceptional elegant look and unique remarkable " SoftFeel ", which gives a natural, waxy and very pleasant feel.

High-Performance Impregnated Coating

INNObond® Kertex_Imprex Series is a self-crosslinking new technology water-based impregnated coating specifically designed for paper and textile products require for soft and hard effectiveness application by heating at 120ºC - 130ºC for 5 minutes to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic surfacing material.

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