Packaging & Converting Industrial Adhesives

INNObond® adhesives are available covering the many intricate application in packaging & converting sector. Applications served range from simple paper to more complex substrates, machine types and end-use comditions are all important considerations in the selection of the ideal product.


Book Binding, Box & Packaging Industry Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EA Series offers wall range of high performance tailor made paper packaging & converting adhesives with high setting speed, good adhesion on critical surfaces and special rheology for normal and hard effect high speed laminating to ensure adhesive viscosity unaffected by machine speed, allow the performance to meet all needs of the packaging industry.

Envelope Making Industry Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EN Series, INNObond® Moditex_IS Series and INNObond® Syntex_SB Series specially developed for envelope manufacturing application for the side & bottom flap bonding, top flap gumming and window patching application. INNObond® provides a complete adhesives system for envelope manufacturing such as synthetic polymer modified based adhesives for wet gumming, latex based adhesives for pressure- sensitive gumming and pressure-sensitive based adhesives for seal and peel application.

Paper & Aluminium Laminate Adhesives.

INNObond® Syntex_SB Series is a water-based thermal-curing synthetic latex modified paper and aluminium laminates adhesives. INNObond® Syntex_SB incorporates unique technology exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of non-porous plastic material or metallic surfaces and hard paper.

Paper & Flimic & Film Print Laminate Adhesives.

INNObond® Filmex_PR Series is a water-based Self Crosslink acrylic modified paper and plastic filmic adhesives. Incorporates unique technology exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic films and hard paper and gives a dry film showing excellent clarity, gloss and freedom from defects.

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