Furniture & Woodworking Industrial Adhesives

The furniture and woodworking industry are sector which require the high quality for surface bonding. Used in production assembly and surface bonding, INNObond® provided the highest quality standard products to meet quality requirements of customer. An extensive range of high performance, purpose developed adhesives covers all essential areas of process and applications within the furniture and woodworking industry.


Edge Bending & Profile Wrapping Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_ED Series is a fast setting, high wet tack synthetic modified emulsion adhesive special designed for wood ready-to-use water and creep resistance, able to self-crosslink by heating cured classified D3 wood application adhesive, exhibits good setting speed, good adhesion to variety of wooden substrates.

INNObond® Contac_MHA Series is a high performance solvent-based thermal-activated synthetic rubber adhesive, provides high strength bonds on a wide variety of substrates. INNObond® Contac_MHA are able to self-crosslink by heating, exhibits good resistance againts chemical and water.

Formica / HLP Board Lamination Adhesives.

INNObond® Contac_CA & Spraytac SP Series is a high performance solvent-based CR rubber contact adhesive suitable for application by brushing and spraying, provides high initial tack and upon setting, the bonding exhibits high permanent bonding and good resistance to heat and moisture.

INNObond® Contex_Glu Series is a fast drying high performance synthetic polymer modified water-based multi-purpose elastic adhesive. INNObond® Contex_Glu Series can be direct replace for solvent-based polychloroprene ( CR ) contact adhesive, gives a clear dry film with residual tack, exhibits good setting speed, excellent permanent adhesion properties to substrates.

Genaral Wood Assembly and Paper Overlay Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EA Series offers economic to supreme grades polyvinyl acetate modified general purpose wood-working and paper overlay bonding and laminating of practically all hard, soft and exotic types of wood, chipborad, MDF, plywood and paper for furniture sector.

Post Forming & PVC Lamination Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EV Series offers fast setting adhesives solutions for laminate bonding PVC to wooden substrates whether flat surfaces or heat press post forming application.

INNObond® Uflex_MHA Series is a water-based thermal-activated Polyurethane multi-purpose elastic adhesive, suitable for production of very soft and hard application requirement, performed with excellent adhesion to different substrates and increase chemical, thermal and hydrolysis resistance.

Structural Wood Bonding Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EPI Series as a two-component Emulsion Polymer Isocynate systems structural wood bonding adhesive specified to form an exceptionally strong and durable bonding for laminated wood products fabrication of plywood components such as finger joints, curved panels, sandwish panels, glulam beams and posts. It can be cold pressed, hot pressed or RF radio frequency cured and exhibits better high moisture, temperature, creep and weathering resistance.

Bedding & Sofa Adhesives.

INNObond® Spraytac Series is a high performance solvent-based synthetic rubber adhesive with a super instant tack, high yielding and fast drying that can be used with One-Sided or Two-Sided application, has exception characteristics that allow foam and fabrics to instantly bond to many different materials.

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