Flooring Installations Systems Adhesives

INNObond® has been developed and providing cost effective flooring installations systems adhesive that is environmentally friendly and meets to all of the highest requirement for carpet, wood and vinyl tile application. INNObond® effective flooring installations systems adhesive provided highest quality standard even faster and stronger bonding to makes application easy.


Carpet & Vinyl Tiles Adhesives.

INNObond® Vinyltex Series is an aqueous fast setting modified multipurpose adhesive with pressure properties, offers a unique permanent tack and high water-resistance properties, specially designed for carpet and vinyl tiles flooring application.

Parquet Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EA Series is a high solid, high viscosity polyvinyl acetate modified general purpose wood flooring adhesive. INNObond® Eflex_EA Series offers emulsion with wooden colour stain based and dry clear based , gives wood flooring installation more effectiveness.

Non-Polar Substrates Multipurpose Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EV Series is a combination of high performance synthetic polymer and a self crosslinking resin, exhibits very fast setting speed and good adhesion to a variety of difficult flooring surfaces. This product strongly recommended for use in wooden installation application on top of ceramic tiles.

High Water-Resistance Externally Adhesives.

IINNObond® Eflex_ED Series is an aqueous One-Component modified high water-resistance externally adhesive. The combination of a high performance synthetic polymer and a self crosslinking resin gives exhibits good setting speed, high adhesion to wood flooring application and better abrasion, water and heat resistance.

High Weather-Resistance Externally Adhesives.

INNObond® Eflex_EPI Series is an aqueous Two-Component system modified high weather-resistance externally wood bonding adhesive. The combination of a adhesive and Catalyst, a high performance adhesive system will form an exceptionally strong, durable and high weather-resistance.

Water-Free MS Flooring Adhesives.

INNObond® MSlex_MS Series is a One-Component low viscosity advance MS Polymer technology water-free adhesive. It cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form an elastic bonding for timber flooring and wall decorative materials. The waterproofing characteristic of the MS Polymer adhesive provides an additional barrier to moisture, thus protecting the wooden floors and wall from long term warping. It is flexible to allow the wood floors to expand and contact without cracking.

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