About INNObond®

INNObond® is known as the most superior and effective adhesives and water-based coatings in Malaysia. The INNObond® brand name is originally owned by Max Innotac Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. in year 2002.

INNObond® is proud of it's reputation for developing innovative bonding technological adhesives and water-based coatings solutions. The leading principle in INNObond® is excellence in whatever we do, providing our customers with the most effective bonding solution, reliable business relationship and to promote excellent adhesives and coatings in product technologies and applications towards innovative in products.

For 13 years the brand that stands for quality, since 2002, INNObond® has been a broadline manufacturer serving the adhesives & coatings. As an industry innovator, we produce the highest quality adhesives & coatings for flooring, wood furniture, packaging, paper and plastic laminating industries.

Looking to the future, we will work continuously to achieve Innovative Bonding Solutions policy. Innovations are the basis for successfully turning this vision into reality and to ensure our future viability.

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